Learning Python

I just checked UPS tracking for a book I ordered. IT HAS ARRIVED!!!

Learning Python, I hope, will be the first stepping stone to me becoming a more well rounded programmer. I have started to have interest in Python(cool name) because of Ubuntu and OLPC(One Laptop Per Child). Both of these projects aim to help the world, and they depend on Python. I would love to be able to write a great application that would easily work for kids of developing countries , and/or on my operating system of choice, Ubuntu(or any Linux).

I decided to choose Python over Perl (I bought “Learning Perl” about a year ago). Creating GUIs in Python seems more intuitive, and I prefer object oriented programming(I don’t think Perl is) .

Python over Java : I wanted something more nerdy and that could integrate with UNIX better.

Python over C++: C++ is much to hard. Just compare the list structure in both languages. Also, DB work will be easier (I hope :))

So, while I’m stuck away from home until tomorrow, my book will sit on my front porch. I can not wait to get home and rip it open. :)~

Comments about “Learning Perl”

The Perl book was excellently written, and the authors deserve awards for how easy it was to read. I got through most of the book in 2 days. It just so happens that the two days had about 11 months in-between. Because the book was so good, it almost makes me feel bad about deserting Perl, but it must happen.