Sufjan Stevens – The Age of Adz – Review


If you like music, you will like The Age of Adz.

Review over.

Don’t just sit there and be baffled by my excellent review, go buy it!!!!!!!

Also, I created a YouTube Playlist.

What is the Percentage of the World going to College?


Disclaimer: I am not a statistician, I am merely interested. If you have any better numbers, let me know.

Students Enrolled (2007):
18 200 000

World Population:
1995: 5 713 073 000
2000: 6 115 367 000
Average(2007): 5 914 220 000

Percent of World Population Enrolled in College:
18 200 000 / 5 914 220 000 = 0.0030773288
or 0.308%


How to Find New Music

Here are my sources: (in order of reliability)

  • Last.FM / Pandora Internet Radio – I suggest using Last.FM because it’s more social. You can see what others listen to. Here is my Last.FM
  • Spinner CD Listening Party or Aol – These are AWESOME. They are a good way to listen to full CD’s before they are released.
    A good way to expand your ears.
  • NPR MusicAll Songs ConsideredSong of the Day, Concerts, Interviews are an awesome source of new music information. Plus they are really cool and funny.
  • Metacritic – Takes a bit of searching, but a great place to see what is Acclaimed.
  • Best of …. Lists – It’s always good to hear what others liked last year. Chances are, you will like it too!
  • Billboard – I go here when I want to find pop music. It beats listening to top 40 radio.

Then, when you find music. Buy It For Cheap On Amazon (Current Bestsellers)!

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Please let me know of your favorite source. I’ll update the post with recommendations!

For anyone that has been snowed out of church. (Video)

This is the video our church (Redemption Hill) put out for our small groups to get together and watch last Sunday. So, instead of meeting as a big group, we met in small groups all over the city and watched and talked about this sermon.

I love my church.

Link to Video:

View of My Sites Traffic

This is the view of this countries that visit this site. It’s cool to see all of the different people that find information useful to them on here.


Here are the top two most requested pages:
WokFi – Wifi Signal Strainer
Third Eye Blind – Jumper – Chords

Hooray for internet!