Learning Python

I just checked UPS tracking for a book I ordered. IT HAS ARRIVED!!!

Learning Python, I hope, will be the first stepping stone to me becoming a more well rounded programmer. I have started to have interest in Python(cool name) because of Ubuntu and OLPC(One Laptop Per Child). Both of these projects aim to help the world, and they depend on Python. I would love to be able to write a great application that would easily work for kids of developing countries , and/or on my operating system of choice, Ubuntu(or any Linux).

I decided to choose Python over Perl (I bought “Learning Perl” about a year ago). Creating GUIs in Python seems more intuitive, and I prefer object oriented programming(I don’t think Perl is) .

Python over Java : I wanted something more nerdy and that could integrate with UNIX better.

Python over C++: C++ is much to hard. Just compare the list structure in both languages. Also, DB work will be easier (I hope :))

So, while I’m stuck away from home until tomorrow, my book will sit on my front porch. I can not wait to get home and rip it open. :)~

Comments about “Learning Perl”

The Perl book was excellently written, and the authors deserve awards for how easy it was to read. I got through most of the book in 2 days. It just so happens that the two days had about 11 months in-between. Because the book was so good, it almost makes me feel bad about deserting Perl, but it must happen.


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  1. Perl indeed is fully object oriented except for the primitive types, which puts it as object oriented as Java is. Python has method calls on primitive types. Perl has Tk and Gtk, and Wx for building graphic interfaces; I believe these are the same choices as Python.

    While I respect your choice to “leave” Perl, I just want to make sure you’re well informed in doing so.

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