Setup Geany for Haskell Development

Setup the build commands:
Toolbar > Build > Set Build Commands

Label: "HaskellBuild"
Command*: /opt/ghc/7.8.4/bin/ghc %f
Working directory: (BLANK)

* I used the full path to ghc because it was not resolving the path on it’s own.

Under “Execute commands” at the bottom of the build commands, you should see:

Label: "Execute"
Command: ./%e
Working directory: (BLANK)

Now, you should be able to select:
Toolbar > Build > HaskellBuild (F8)
Toolbar > Build > Execute (F8)

CWS – Chord Web Service


I am creating a web service for musicians that will allow them to reference an abundance of musical references on the fly using AJAX.

Firstly, it will deliver chords and fingerings of chords for guitars to the users websites (think Google Maps).

My goal is to enhance the web.

Here is the site:

It’s still in development, but it’s getting close to launch.

Let me know what you think (only if it’s nice) 😀