Installing Diaspora on Ubuntu on VirtualBox

Installing Diaspora on Ubuntu on VirtualBox

I wrote up a little howto on the Diaspora git hub:

Free Webcam Security – Dorgem – WinSCP

This is how you setup a free home security webcam using dorgem and winscp.exe.

First Download:

Next Configure Dorgem:
Most people are going to want to use the “Web Server” option. This will setup a webserver with your webcam on it…. Pretty straight forward.

But, when I was looking this up, I couldn’t find anywhere that tells you how to use WinSCP. So here I go:

First Configure WinSCP

  • Open WinSCP
  • New
  • Type in all the correct info in session
  • Make sure you set a default folder under Environment->Directories->Remote Directory
  • Save… and remember the name of the session
  • Connect and make sure you set it to remember passwords and everything

Second Configure Dorgem:

  • Open Dorgem
  • Preview the source
  • Click “Store Settings”
    • Add
    • External Program
    • Name it something to remember
    • Check Enable
    • Command: “C:\Program Files (x86)\WinSCP\winscp.exe” [email protected] /upload %s /defaults
    • OK
  • Click “Capture Now” to test it out.
  • You should now see a tmp file on the WinSCP server.
  • If you dont, then you might want to try changing the path to WinSCP in the command or double check the name of the stored WinSCP session in the command.
  • Then, you can enable motion detection under “options” on the main screen

Hope this helps some people!

FoxToPhone – Send Links from Firefox to Android – (Like ChromeToPhone)

Just found out about FoxToPhone.

It gives you a little button in Firefox that allows you to send it to be opened by your browser on your Android phone.

The integration is seamless and it works like a charm.
Useful Links:

Outlook Rule : Only at Specific Times

Lets say you want to have a rule in outlook send to you only between specific times in the day.

  • Only after 6pm and before 8am
  • Only on your lunch hour
  • When you are not at work

I will explain this by having emails forward to my cell phone, only when I am normally not at the office. (From 6pm-8am) This way, I will be able to receive important emails that may require special outside assistance.

What I do is:

  • Create a special category called FWD
  • Use other rules to set messages into the FWD category if I want them forwarded. (Explained Below)
  • Then, create a rule to run last in the rules list called FWD Rule
  • *Important Part* This will check the time on the messages, if it’s within the specified hours, it will forward the email (Explained Below)

Creating a Rule to set the FWD Category:
Your Rule Description should look something like this. The important part is that it is assigning it to the FWD Category:

Apply this rule after the message arrives
with 'Emergency from client' in the subject
    and marked as 'high importance'
    and assigned to 'FWD' Category

The Rule that will email header* for UTC times. Make sure it’s assigned to the FWD category. And then FWD it:

Apply this rule after the message arrives
with '2011 23:' or '2011 02:' or ... '2011 10:' in the message header
    and assigned to 'FWD' category
forward it to '[email protected]'

* This should work on most emails, but if you want to look at the email header Right-click on the message in the Inbox and select Message Options.
* I included the 2011 and the colon to make it more specific.

UTC Time for 6pm – 8am:
Email Header contained:
X-OriginalArrivalTime: 18 Feb 2011 03:23:52.0368 (UTC)
So I searched for:

2011 23:,2011 01:,2011 02:,2011 03:,2011 04:,2011 05:,2011 06:,2011 07:,2011 08:,2011 09:,2011 10:,2011 11:

View of My Sites Traffic

This is the view of this countries that visit this site. It’s cool to see all of the different people that find information useful to them on here.


Here are the top two most requested pages:
WokFi – Wifi Signal Strainer
Third Eye Blind – Jumper – Chords

Hooray for internet!

TikiWiki – Tracker Email Subject Improvement-Modification


The template for the Tracker email is here:

I changed it to this so that it would improve the way it looks in emails:

{$mail_trackerName}{tr} - #{/tr}{$mail_itemId}{tr} modified.{/tr}

WordTwitt is the best WordPress Twitter App

My friend Dallas Edwards showed me this application called WordTwitt. It’s basically the bomb explosive when it comes to tweeting your blog posts.

All the other plugins seem to suck in comparison to this open source, free, magical piece of code.

I suggest everyone with wordpress install the plugin immediately, or face unending torment.


Rotating Circular Periodic Table – Javascript


I just saw an article on this site about the merits of a circular periodic table by Mohd Abubakr Design

I thought it would be nice to have one that rotates. So I used the jQuery and jQuery-Rotate library on it to make it spin.

I hope this will be help someone and I hope to make additions to it in the future.
[[View Rotating Circular Periodic Table]]

DanFolkes FLVPlayer – Create your own FLVPlayer (like jw-flv-player) with no branding


Using Flash CS4: Continue reading “DanFolkes FLVPlayer – Create your own FLVPlayer (like jw-flv-player) with no branding”