Started Using Git SCM For my Darkness is Spreading

So, I setup my own Git repo tonight. This is the exact order of my evening:

I watched Linus Torvald rip all the other SCM’s a new one here:

Then I watched,
Emerging Tech Talk #24 – Learning Git, Part 1 – Introduction to Version
Emerging Tech Talk #25 – Learning Git, Part Two – Getting started with

Then, I went to and setup my own public git repository.
(you can make it private, if you pay. but who would want to do that? viva la open source!)

Then I setup a clone of my Darkness is Spreading Game (dis-game):
Public Clone URL: git://
Github Home Page:

I want to thank github for making things so awesome and easy to setup. They seem to really know a lot about helping n00bs.

Taken from their homepage:

Not only is Git the new hotness, it’s a fast, efficient, distributed version control system ideal for the collaborative development of software.

GitHub is the easiest (and prettiest) way to participate in that collaboration: fork projects, send pull requests, monitor development, all with ease.