WordTwitt is the best WordPress Twitter App

My friend Dallas Edwards showed me this application called WordTwitt. It’s basically the bomb explosive when it comes to tweeting your blog posts.

All the other plugins seem to suck in comparison to this open source, free, magical piece of code.

I suggest everyone with wordpress install the plugin immediately, or face unending torment.


HOWTO: Setup an Aggregated RSS feed for your Friends using Google Reader

HOWTO: Setup an Aggregated RSS feed for your Friends using Google Reader

Lets say you have three friends, and you don’t really want to check all of there twitter, blogs, rss feeds all day long.

RSS Feeds:

  • What you do is open Google Reader (Part of a Google account.)
  • Add all of the feeds to it by selecting “Add a Subscription”
  • gread1

  • Go into the “Manage Subscriptions” page (link in lower left)
  • Now, click “Add to Folder” and Create New Folder for the item
  • gread21

  • Now add the rest of the feeds to that folder in the same fashion.
  • Now to refresh, Click “« Back to Google Reader” then “Manage Subscriptions”
  • Goto the “Folders and Tags” Tab (near Manage Subscriptions)
  • Select your new folder, and select Public from the “Change Sharing…” drop down list.
  • gread3

  • You should now have “View Public Page” button.
  • That page contains a nice looking aggregate HTML view and a rss feed related to the page that you can add to any feed reader.
  • Here are my links: HTML and RSS
  • I hope this helps someone! Leave comments if it did.