Free Webcam Security – Dorgem – WinSCP

This is how you setup a free home security webcam using dorgem and winscp.exe.

First Download:

Next Configure Dorgem:
Most people are going to want to use the “Web Server” option. This will setup a webserver with your webcam on it…. Pretty straight forward.

But, when I was looking this up, I couldn’t find anywhere that tells you how to use WinSCP. So here I go:

First Configure WinSCP

  • Open WinSCP
  • New
  • Type in all the correct info in session
  • Make sure you set a default folder under Environment->Directories->Remote Directory
  • Save… and remember the name of the session
  • Connect and make sure you set it to remember passwords and everything

Second Configure Dorgem:

  • Open Dorgem
  • Preview the source
  • Click “Store Settings”
    • Add
    • External Program
    • Name it something to remember
    • Check Enable
    • Command: “C:\Program Files (x86)\WinSCP\winscp.exe” [email protected] /upload %s /defaults
    • OK
  • Click “Capture Now” to test it out.
  • You should now see a tmp file on the WinSCP server.
  • If you dont, then you might want to try changing the path to WinSCP in the command or double check the name of the stored WinSCP session in the command.
  • Then, you can enable motion detection under “options” on the main screen

Hope this helps some people!