Building a Media Server/Router – Ubuntu Linux

CPU: P4 or greater
VideoCard: S-Vid out, VGA, possibly TV outs

Smoothwall installed
Lan (in from cable modem)
Lan (out to a switch)


2 thoughts on “Building a Media Server/Router – Ubuntu Linux”

  1. hey buddy, could you tell me the quickest way(show me the steps) of setting up a server that can be anywhere and then be connected from anywhere,, directly to my c drive? im willing to use virtual machine software if nessasary. please.

  2. -I would start by installing Ubuntu on your computer.
    -Then setting up ssh
    -then setting up port-forwarding on your router for port 22
    -then download winscp and connect to your routers ip address.
    -you can get the ip address from
    -Then you can transfer any files from anywhere to your home pc.
    -it will be secure and encrypted.


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