Best Boozy S’mores Dip Flambé – 2 Options Classic and Fancy

Ingredients / Supplies:

  • Booze:
    • Rum or Spiced Rum
  • Scoopers:
    • Graham crackers (cinnamon option)
    • Granny Smith Apple
    • Pretzel Crisps
  • Pan:
    • Heavy-Duty Foil Pie Pan
    • Pre-made Graham Cracker Crust Pie Crust
  • Dip #1 – The Original:
    • Dark Chocolate Chips
    • Broken-up Graham Crackers
    • Marshmallows
  • Dip #2 – Fancy (on the pre-made Graham cracker crust):
    • Nutella
    • Raspberries
    • Dark Chocolate Chips
    • Marshmallows
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Prep (this can be done the day before):

  • Cut Apples into nice slices for dipping
  • Break Graham Crackers into nice dipping size
  • Assemble Dips
    • Add ingredients in order
    • Marshmallows must be on top
  • Cover dips with plastic wrap if doing it the day before


  • Warm up the cup with alcohol (3 shots) (don’t light it on fire yet)
    • The rum will light on fire easier when not cold. (don’t light it on fire yet)
  • Place pans near fire and get an even melt / warm up
  • The Fancy dip may need to be a bit lower and slower since it has a crust
  • Once the dip seems to be dippable, Flambé!


  • Make sure it’s dark outside, you don’t want to ruin the effect!
  • Warm up the cup with alcohol–(see previous step)
  • When everything is ready
  • In the cup, light the rum on fire
  • Pour slowly over both pans
  • Watch as the marshmallows get nice and browned. 


Use the dipping foods to get your scoop on!!

Ingredient Photos:

Nestle® Toll House® Dark Chocolate ChipsQuantity:1

Kroger® Graham Cracker Pie CrustQuantity:1

Kroger® MarshmallowsQuantity:1

Kroger® Hazelnut Spread with CocoaQuantity:1

Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps Original Deli Style CrackersQuantity:1

Handi-foil® Heavy Duty Pie Pan & Lid SetsQuantity:1

Large Granny Smith AppleQuantity:1


Kroger® Original Graham CrackersQuantity:1

Kroger® Cinnamon Graham Crackers