How to Find New Music

Here are my sources: (in order of reliability)

  • Last.FM / Pandora Internet Radio – I suggest using Last.FM because it’s more social. You can see what others listen to. Here is my Last.FM
  • Spinner CD Listening Party or Aol – These are AWESOME. They are a good way to listen to full CD’s before they are released.
    A good way to expand your ears.
  • NPR MusicAll Songs ConsideredSong of the Day, Concerts, Interviews are an awesome source of new music information. Plus they are really cool and funny.
  • Metacritic – Takes a bit of searching, but a great place to see what is Acclaimed.
  • Best of …. Lists – It’s always good to hear what others liked last year. Chances are, you will like it too!
  • Billboard – I go here when I want to find pop music. It beats listening to top 40 radio.

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Please let me know of your favorite source. I’ll update the post with recommendations!