Rsync – Speed Limit – Trickle – Slow

Install rsync and trickle:

sudo apt-get install rsync
sudo apt-get install trickle

Now you can run rsync:
This will download at a limit of 80 KB/s from host:

rsync -auvPe "trickle -d 80 ssh" user@host:/src/ /dst/

Explanation of Commands:

-a, --archive               archive mode; equals -rlptgoD (no -H,-A,-X)
-u, --update                skip files that are newer on the receiver
-v, --verbose               increase verbosity
-P  --progress              show progress during transfer
-e, --rsh=COMMAND           specify the remote shell to use
trickle -d 80  = -d rate    Limit the download bandwidth consumption to rate KB/s.